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From Jack Sarlo

Dear Friend,

Let's face it...

...99% of the "how-to-get-top search-engine-rankigs" articles and ezines you subscribe to are written by know-nothing losers who haven't got any top-ranked websites.

The truth is, there's so much crap on the Internet right now that it's hard to turn-around without being bombarded by it.

Here's a fact: It's not just what you learn, it's WHO you learn from.

Someone who has been there, done that. Makes sense doesn't it?

My name is Jack Sarlo. I'm a link builder expert. My track record includes getting top rankings between #1 and #3 for dozens upon dozens of keywords for myself and clients... I've started out as a freelancer working for other people doing link building projects & SEO projects! Leaving clients dumbfounded IS how I become known as a link builder expert!

One client came to me with 150 brand new websites, he wanted me to index all of them, can you imagine that? I did it within 14 days without spending a dime!

Want some proof?

In Google


You don't have to get a ton of keywords on first page like I did, only a couple of those send me the bulk of traffic!

I got those rankings at the time when everyone was scared s**less because of the sandbox, duplicate content, supplementary theories AND the big daddy, buffy and other Google updates!

It took me around 2-3 months to get all those top rankings. I completely stopped doing SEO exactly after I got top ranked -  4 years later I took those screenshots by then rankings dropped a bit so in reality rankings where much better than that!

There where Google updates back then too like bourbon, big daddy and buffy, not to mention the theories like supplementary, sandbox and duplicate content - none of these effected my site!

I cut to the chase like a knife through butter unveiling what you're NOT been told about SEO! This is taken from my experiences and what I see happening in the SEO world in the last 7+ years!

If you can follow 3 easy steps, A, B and C then you are qualified enough to have access to this special report! So yes a kid can download and read this too!

You'll finally get an insider's real world look at what it takes to get top search engine rankings!
The Simple Reason I Chose to Write
The "No B.S. SEO Crash Course"...
To Give You An Opportunity!

I want you to know my simplistic view of SEO that never fails, I boil it down to the essential points so you can free yourself from the "prison" (information overload) around you.

This is the foundation and fundamental core of SEO, without knowing and understanding this you're going to stay stuck in the same labyrinth!

Like I said do step A then step B and then step C that's what you'll see... can you handle that?

No doubt you can!

So allow me to give you this opportunity to show you the truth - liberating yourself from unfounded tactics you might be using (with no success)! Download the No B.S. SEO Crash Course right away>>

Jack "Straight Talk" Sarlo
Link Builder Expert

"Jack I have to say this is really a helping hand. I have been reading through your articles and they have helped me a lot, especially those about SEO. I have watched your spyware site, man it is ranking high for a lot of keywords. How are you doing that? It is clear that you know marketing. Hope you don't get mad but I try to do as many things as you are doing, for my registry fix site. Jack knows what he is doing. How do I know, well he is helping me a lot with my SEO."-- Mehmet Onatli www.registryheal.com

"I want to show my gratitude to you for your very helpful advices on how to improve my Google ranking. You gave me easy to follow suggestions which I promptly applied to my website. Your marketing knowledge is outstanding. I really couldn't imagine how some easy step can make so much difference to improve my visibility. Really great! Thank you so much." -- Mauro Sciaccaluga www.BuyForexSignals.com

"Jack Sarlo is a great search engine optimizer, he does not just give great tips but his own sites rank high in the search engines for competitive niches, what better proof of expertise other than proving yourself like that? Jack has helped me a lot to increase the amount of traffic I receive to several of my sites, his techniques are simple for everyone to understand yet powerful." -- Alyona Frendo www.marketingmoneymaking.com

No B.S. SEO Crash Course   Enter Name and Email to download 
"No B.S. SEO Crash Course" 
*You'll also receive the No B.S. SEO Gossip
for FREE!
(unless you're already receiving it)
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